miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2015

A coding solo

It was quite close to the end of the day, I was packing up my stuff to happily go back home after a pleasant coding day.

Suddenly it started to rain very heavily, it was insane!. Instantly I recalled the news in the morning where they warned about having 3 level-4-out-of-5 hurricanes on the west coast of Mexico, this is crazy, I don't remember at all having more than 2 hurricanes at the same time, climate change... Afterwards I just decided to stay at work until the rain stops, which last for a long while. I ended up going home enjoying the rain.

Before packing up, again, I decided to finish my coding task. It was almost done, started typing in my test, went red, then it turned green very fast and the next one.

I was working at a very high speed, I don't know if it was because of the rain, or because there were less people in the office, or if I just got into what some of my friends and me call, the coding solo, inspired on the guitar solo.

That moment when you really show off yourself to yourself, when you get a huge smile from ear to ear but you don't tell until later. I could bet blindly that you have felt this feeling before. Such a nice feeling, don't you think so? Everything goes green quite fast, you realize that what you have done is gonna help your team, you ask for help to your teammates who reply very fast and keep you going, and you can be very proud of your coding.

There were still a few of my friends at work, even though it was quite late, almost 9pm, by the way time flied for me. I was very happy and started to talk to my friends there. I was so excited that they could tell and also share my happiness.

I don't want to demerit pair-programming. I just want to make it clear that sometimes you enter into this mood, or coding solo as I call it, where you can not get distracted by anything and you get a lot of work well done.

In the end it didn't stop raining and had to go home. It didn't bother me to get wet at all, I was enjoying the rain while still very excited of my coding solo.

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